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Technology Development

Concept Overdrive offers Software and Electronic Design - built to your specifications. We are skilled at developing software applications as well as integrating custom hardware into software systems. If you have a product or system you would like to develop and you don't have the in-house engineering resources for it, we can do the protoyping for you.

Areas of specialization :

The Cooperative Development Program

Technology is always improving. It's unlikely that there will come a year when your company decides it doesn't need any further technology. Wouldn't it be nice if you could invest in your technological future and earn dividends on it ? The Cooperative Development Program does just that. Technology, like money, can be hidden away under your mattress, but it won't grow. It typically loses value.

Frequently in business, new capabilities are needed which are specific to a particular application. In the Cooperative Development Program, when a customer contracts to build a new feature into the Overdrive system, the feature is integrated, maintained and improved in future releases. This forward-looking program prevents any one company from having to make a large investment in technology development, while all get the benefits of future enhancements. When you use what has been developed so far, you are benefiting from this program. Overdrive was born out of, and thrives on, the successive contributions of varied projects. Cooperative Developers get Overdrive components at a significant discount.

Another benefit of the program is that development is done at discounted rates, because development costs may be apportioned across multiple members of the program, or because Concept Overdrive attributes future value to what is developed. Discounted development rates would not be available for proprietary development done outside of the program.

Membership in the program is discretionary, and is based on the value of the development contracted. The accumulated value of smaller development contracts can also apply toward entry into the program.

Example: Company A contracts for a set of new features to be put into the Overdrive system, the value of the contract is sufficient for Concept Overdrive to grant entry into the program. Further purchases of Overdrive systems by Company A are at the current cooperative developer discount, which is 45% of list price. Company A gets an upgrade for, say, $2000 years later, and receives all the features that have been added by cooperative development contracts during that time. So Company A paid for some things up front, but got technology for pennies on the dollar down the road.

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